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Paint Bucket

We produce paint and chemical pail molds from 1 lt to 30 lt for our customers, in cooperation with the leading brands of Turkey and the world. The robustness, precision, and durability of our moulds enable consistent large-volume production of paint buckets that meet manufacturing quality requirements for years. Our tools are designed for processing recycled material, permit a service life of many millions of production cycles, and have a robust construction that can handle enormous loads over the long term. This gives our customers minimal downtimes, the shortest cycle times, and ultimately minimal unit costs.

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Our consistent technical focus on packaging applications makes us experts in developing and making injection moulds for food packaging, medical products, and paint buckets. We are reliable, fast, and produce top quality for the best results. We could produce molds for all products made of plastic raw materials, but we chose to specialize in certain areas.

This made us experts.

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